UHAC Beach Assault Vehicle

The U.S. Marines have developed a new amphibious vehicle designed to storm beaches, transport troops and scale buildings. Called the UHAC (Ultra Heavy-lift Amphibious Connector), the final vehicle will have a top speed of about 25mph and be capable of scaling obstacles up to 10-feet (sea walls, etc.) high. It can carry a payload of 200-tons, thanks to tank-like tracks that are fitted with captured-air foam cells to provide buoyancy when in the water. Continue reading for two videos and more information.

While in water, the tracks act as paddles, but on land, they’re similar to a tank, letting it traverse across difficult terrain such as mud and sand. They also do not leave an impression on the ground as they flatten out on impact with a hard surface. The videos show the huge vehicle moving over a tar road without leaving a mark.

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