WHILL Mobility Device

If Apple made a personal mobility device, it’d probably look something like the WHILL Model A. Featuring an advanced omni-directional drive system that lets it take tight turns and ride on rough terrain, along with a sleek minimalist TRON-inspired design. Its lead-acid battery gives the Model A a range of nearly 20 kilometers on a single charge, and steering is as simple as using the built-in joystick on the armrest or a smartphone app. Continue reading for two more videos and information. Click here for more pictures of the WHILL Model A.

“It’s no coincidence that Whill was founded in Japan (just outside of Tokyo), where more than a quarter of the population is 65 or older, the highest proportion of any country. But Whill also has an office in Silicon Valley, which has a generation of gadget-loving people who are growing old. The initial market will be for the disabled, but the company, which has raised $11 million from Japanese and U.S. investors, hopes to ultimately broaden sales to anyone who has difficulty walking or standing,” said IEEE Spectrum.