World View Space Balloon

For millionaires tired of island getaways and / or bustling cities, you’ll soon have the option of visiting the edge of space, thanks to World View Enterprises. With trips starting at $75,000, the Arizona-based company will take paying customers in a pressurized capsule to a height of 19-miles. A test flight validated the full flight profile of the spaceflight system, lifting a model of the eventual system scaled down to ten per cent to 120,000 feet and back down to 50,000 feet, breaking a world record. Continue reading for another video and more information.

“In 2016 the parafoil, together with a high-altitude balloon, will be used to take pressurised capsules known as ‘Voyagers’ on trips to the edge of space. This will give six passengers, along with two crew members, two hours of ‘cruising’ during which they will be free to stroll around the ‘luxury’ capsule – which even has a bar and internet access. While passengers will not experience any weightlessness on the flight like Virgin Galactic, the trip will be significantly longer than the latter’s six minute projected flight time,” reports Daily Mail.

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