U-Boat Worx Submarine

There are luxury yachts, cruise ships, and then the U-Boat Worx C-Explorer 3 personal submarine. In addition to having a 300-meter depth rating, it features luxury leather seating, a large entrance hatch, climate control, a MANTA control system that allows passengers to operate the submersible from their own seat, auto-pilot sonar and an optional underwater navigation system. Continue reading for a dive video and more information.

“Our C-Quester and C-Explorer submersibles have paved the way for a new industry of personal submersibles. It is now time for the Super Yacht Sub 3 to kick this industry into high gear so that every yacht owner can enjoy the amazing underwater world. By building this safe, high-performance and compact submersible in series, we can present a truly unique package,” said Bert Houtman, founder of U-Boat Worx.

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