OLED technology has expanded beyond ultra-thin television sets and E-paper displays. Designer Ingro Marer has partnered with OSRAM Opto Semiconductors to release the world’s first OLED lamp. Continue reading for more. Click here for first picture in gallery. This post has been sponsored by OLED Display.


Unlike other lamps, this innovative device makes uses OSRAM LEDs. Each 10 x 10 cm tile has an output of 30 lm – 50 lm — made possible by using a vacuum-processed small molecule OLED rather than printable polymer OLED. In comparison, a standard bulb achieves 12 lm/W. For more information, check out this page on OLED making.

The firm has pulled out all the stops to hit 46 lm/W – particularly in fashionable, but generally less efficient warm white – putting this fledgling technology level with the bottom of established fluorescent fittings in efficiency terms.


In addition to high energy efficiency, low operating voltage and a mercury-free design, the OLED lamp has a 5,000-hour life to half brightness. Easy to place anywhere, it offers scalability. The company hopes to one day use transparent OLEDs to “allow natural light in during the day and provide fascinating illumination for the room at night.”


Combine this with flexible OLED technology, and you’ve got yourself a highly-efficient lamp that would look perfect next to an OLED television. A short word from an OSRAM director on this lamp:

“Ours emits a homogeneous warm white, with a stable colour over brightness,” Dr Karsten Heuser, director of OLED lighting technology at Osram told EW. “We have scaled it up to 100cm2 to see if it could be transferred to a larger area. This is an intermediate step to prove it is scalable. Another development topic is to find the limits of how large a panel could be made.”

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