TechEBlog Review

RAVPower 32000mAh Power Bank

Sleek and stylish, the RAVPower 32,000mAh Power Bank is unlike any other that you’ll find in its price range, as the charger offers up to 11-days of power. What does this mean? It’s capable of fully charging an iPhone X approximately 7.1 times, a Samsung Galaxy S8 up to 6.4 times, iPad mini up to 4.3 times, or an iPad Pro up to 1.8 times over, making the power bank perfect for everyday use. You also get three iSmart 2.0 USB ports, which means you’ll be able to charge multiple devices simultaneously. Product page. Continue reading for our full review, complete with hands-on pictures.

Iron Man Wireless Charger

Avengers: Infinity War has already broken several box office records, and now, Qi-enabled smartphones can experience a part of the film, sort of. InfoThink has just released a new Iron Man Wireless Charging Pad that looks just like an Arc Reactor, complete with LEDs that turn on when plugged in. Best of all, you can charge any compatible smartphones even without removing the case. Product page. Continue reading for our full review.


VIZIO displays are known for their value as well as performance, and their latest SmartCast M-Series (2017) is definitely no slouch, touted as the ‘most colorful M-Series ever’. We recently got the chance to review the M50-E1, a 50″ panel that can not only display HDR (High Dynamic Range) content, but has Google Chromecast built-in, along with Google Home compatibility. For example, you’ll be able to send Netflix content directly from your phone using this feature, while an onscreen menu, called Smartcast TV, enables users to launch apps using the standard on-screen approach. Best of all, you can pick one up for $499 for Black Friday here now. Continue reading for our full review of the display, which was generously provided to us for free by VIZIO.

Vizio SmartCast Crave Go Speaker

VIZIO’s SmartCast Crave Go is a compact wireless speaker that not only offers Bluetooth, but Wi-Fi connectivity in your home as well. It offers a six-hour battery life, and is made from premium materials, including aluminum and rubberized plastic for durability. At just 8.6 inches wide, 1.5 inches thick and weighing in at 3.5-pounds, it can be setup anywhere in the home, thanks to a kickstand at the rear. Product page. Continue reading for our full review, in which a unit was provided for free by VIZIO.

AUKEY Magnetic Bluetooth Earbuds

AUKEY’s Magnetic Bluetooth Earbuds clip together when not in use to ensure they never get tangled up, making them perfect for outdoor activities, or just the gym. Fit for all genres of music, these noise-isolating in-ear headphones deliver rich, robust sound with punchy bass, complete with aptX technology for clean wireless audio. Get one here now. Continue reading for our full hands-on review.

Aukey Wireless Headphones

Aukey’s EP-B39 Wireless Headphones are a great BeatsX / Airpods alternative, while offering comparable sound quality at a fraction of the cost. Users can quickly pair up to 2 devices simultaneously with Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity, and there’s a built-in 6th-generation cVc noise-cancelling microphone for when calls come in. They’re being offered for $27.99 with coupon code: AUKEPB39, originally $59.99. here now. Continue reading for our full review.

HP M477 Wireless Printer

There are plenty of wireless laser color printers, but how many can not only print 4x more pages than standard cartridges, but also minimize time spent on scheduled maintenance? Meet the HP Color LaserJet Pro M477. Built for both business and personal users alike, it offers fast, easy scanning, easy mobile printing, and lots more, all at a very affordable price. Are all these features worth the money? We think so…continue reading to read our review.

Cheero Power Plus Danboard

Cheero’s Power Plus Danboard Edition may look like an anime robot, but it’s actually a 10400mAh power bank, and the number one selling battery charger on Amazon in Japan to boot. When paired with the Danboard Lightning and microUSB cable, you’ll know exactly when your gadgets are finished charging, thanks to the clever blinking eyes. We recently got some hands-on time with these two accessories, and they’re definitely more functional than you expect, to the point where we charged an iPhone 6 Plus from 0% – 100% battery nearly three times. Company page. Continue reading for our full review and hands-on images.

LSTN Encore Wood Headphones

LSTN is known for their high-quality headphones, and their latest product, the Encore, is definitely no slouch. We recently got the chance to test them out, and they not only look stylish, but have the sound quality to back it up. The first thing you probably noticed was the vintage-inspired casing that features real ebony wood, along with its sleek aluminum headband. Best of all, each sale helps those with hearing impairments. Product page. Continue reading for our first look and some hands-on pictures.

Stained Glass Solar Panel

Let’s face it, solar panels are an eyesore, especially on rooftops, but the Current Window aims to change that. Created by Dutch designer Marjan van Aubel, this beautiful stained glass window generates an electrical current by harvesting the energy created when sunlight hits a colored pigment – similar to photosynthesis in a plant – and sends that power to a USB port in the window ledge. Continue reading for more pictures and information.