Renegade Hovercraft
Renegade IQ Hovercraft

For those interested in extreme watersports and have $24,900 to burn, you might want to consider picking up a Renegade IQ Hovercraft, instead of another jetski. Built with a virtually indestructible Kevlar hull, it’s powered by a high-output AeroDrive system, paired with a 750cc fuel injected, 4-stroke engine, enabling it to hit 48 mph and have a cruising speed of 30 mph. Continue reading for a video and more information.

“The 7-blade prolusion fan delivers quiet and efficient power to the lift and thrust systems. Fill up the 3-gallon gas tank and you’re good for 105 miles of fun. Four models in total are offered, with the top of the line, the Renegade IQC Hovercraft, running $34,000 and getting you more durability, a little more speed, and more range,” reports Hi Consumption.