Nikon P900 Zoom Moon

The Nikon P900 may not be the most expensive digital camera on the block, but it does come equipped with an 83x optical zoom, 166x Dynamic Fine Zoom super telephoto lens, capable of capturing up-close moon shots you never thought possible. At the long end of the zoom the image stabilization works very well, and a handy ‘zoom out’ button lets you locate a subject that’s moved out of the frame and then zoom right back in. This person decided to zoom in on the moon, and the results were spectacular as the video shows. Get one here now. Continue reading for another P900 optical zoom test video.

On top of the 2,000mm equivalent focal length, Dynamic Fine Zoom effectively doubles the lenses reach further enhancing your subject. Lose your subject while zoomed in? Simply pressing the Snap-Back Zoom button quickly allows you to find your subject, recompose and release to jump right back to full zoom. Dual Detect Optical VR provides 5.0 stops of vibration reduction the entire time using enhanced detection accuracy to keep images crisp and videos smooth. More information.


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