In places like downtown Kobe, Japan, land is hard to come by. So, Japanese firm Fujiwarramuro Architects’ Nada House made use of whatever space they could find, like a narrow alleyway between buildings. They managed to squeeze a three-story multi-family home onto a small 397 square-foot lot, making the most of its tiny urban footprint. The architects created an innovative series of slatted openings to allow a column of light to pass through from the roof skylights to the first floor to maximize the amount of natural light in the house. Continue reading for more pictures and information.

According to Inhabitat, “Clad in timber, Fujiwarramuro Architects’ skinny house rises high above its neighbors in the residential area of the crowded Nada district. The front door is recessed within the large garage opening that takes up the front half of the building. The communal spaces including the living room, dining room and kitchen, are located on the second floor, while the kid’s bedroom and master bedroom are situated one floor above. A ladder provides access to the roof from a loft space in the master bedroom.”


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