Hypervsn Wall

Holograms are nothing new, but wait until you see the Hypervsn Wall made by a company called Kino-mo. This wall consists of multiple RGB fans, with each of the arms on the fan module boasting programmable micro LEDs. How does it all work? The units processor sends signals to each of those LEDs to tell them where it needs to turn on and start spinning. Your eyes perceive this light as a hologram, and when multiple units are hooked up together, the holographic images can measure up to 3 meters in size. Continue reading for an in-depth video and more information.

“Now, each of these units is expensive. They cost $3,200, so it’s definitely something designed for retail, sports venues, and commercial displays. It doesn’t take up much power, either, with each unit using around 65 watts. I have to say it looks a lot more impressive to the human eye when you watch it in person compared to seeing it on a screen captured by a camera,” according to CNET.

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