Real DeLorean Replica

Most people would be happy to get to work on time in any car, but self-employed Ollie Wilkey doesn’t even have to leave home to go Back to the Future, or at out in an exact replica of a DeLorean from the movies. Adding to its authenticity, when it reaches 88mph, a series of lights and time travel sound effects are activated. That, however, is not the coolest part, at the push of a button, this DeLorean can be put in a hover conversion mode, complete with fold up wheels. This particular car was built by an ex-NASA engineer and Universal Studios contractor, originally owned by his friend Luke, who then sold it to Ollie earlier this year for a 5-figure sum. Continue reading for more pictures and information.

Ollie DeLorean

Ollie says: “I love the films to bits, it all stems from that. I was looking to buy a DeLorean when I was 16, before I could actually drive. Quite quickly I realized they were very rare and too expensive for someone that age. But the idea stayed in the back of my mind and I saw an advert for a self-drive thing, where you could hire one for a weekend. A lot of deals are done through the Owners Club before they go on the open market so they go quite quickly. I always wanted to own a DeLorean – I bought one two years ago through the owners club, and my sister’s fiance did a restoration on it. Through the owners club I got to know Luke, and I knew he was toying with selling it.”


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