Julio Garcia, a talented artist and designer, recently spent this time building a recycled shipping container home in Savannah, Georgia. In other words, he took two 40-foot containers, added a shed roof along and plenty of large windows that fill the modest space with loads of daylight. Continue reading for more pictures and information.

According to Inhabitat: “The Savannah Project is Julio Garcia’s retreat when he’s not working in either Miami or Brooklyn. Built from two 40 ft shipping containers, the home is about 800 sq ft and features one bedroom, bathroom, long open kitchen and an open floor living space. The containers offset from one another are placed on top of a foundation of steel I-beams resting on concrete piers. Besides being offset, the containers are also separated by a six foot wide wood-framed addition with a taller shed roof. The interior walls of the containers were cut out and new steel beams support the roof and clerestory windows.”