Shipping container homes are nothing new, but ones built atop old silos most certainly are. Introducing South Africa-based Citiq Property Developers’ latest project, Mill Junction, which was constructed out of two former grain silos topped with four floors of shipping containers. It offers affordable housing to hundreds of local university students. Continue reading for more pictures and information.

According to Inhabitat, “Not only is the project an eye-catching feat of innovative urban design, Mill Junction was built with the young residents’ specific living budgets in mind. Accordingly, offering energy-efficient and affordable accommodation was paramount to the design. In addition to giving the shipping containers and abandoned silos new purpose, the apartments have a number of energy-conserving features. In order to adapt the shipping containers to the project, windows and external doors were cut out and installed with the same double glazing as the rest of the building’s windows and doors. The entire building is equipped with efficient lighting features such as motion-sensor lighting.”

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