Like you might have guessed already, this isn’t a real Boeing 737, but rather a recreation that’s located inside a Frenchman’s home. Laurent Aigon, a 40-year-old aviation fanatic from Lacanau, France, has always had a thing for airplanes, as he grew up in Beutre, just 200 meters from the Merignac Airport. Continue reading for a video and more information.

Five years ago, he met Jean-Paul Dupuy, a like-minded aircraft enthusiast, and together they set out to build the most realistic simulation cockpit possible. They met with the people of Aquitaine Simulation, and got s glimpse of their Airbus flight simulator.

Confident they could build their own functional cockpit, Laurent and Jean-Paul scoured the internet for parts, and piece by piece, module by module, they managed to put together one of the world’s most realistic Boeing 737 cockpits. The fact that it’s crammed between a closet and a bunk-bed in a children’s bedroom is of little importance.


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