The ZAGGsparq 6000 is not your standard portable power station, this beast boasts two USB ports and a 2.1A output for ultra-fast charging. It’s compatible with all iOS devices and most Android smartphones as well as tablets. More information. Continue reading for our full review and more information on the contest.


From the moment we took the ZAGGsparq 6000 out of its package, we noticed the ultra durable polycarbonate shell and sleek ergonomic design. We hate to admit it, but there was one mishap where the device fell from a 4-foot table, but we’re happy to report that there was absolutely no damage, not even a scratch. Thanks to its compact size – 104 x 70 x 36mm and 217g – it easily slips into any bag. When fully charged, you can expect 1-4 charges for a typical handheld device.

Believe it or not, the ZAGGsparq managed to charge an iPhone 5 in just under 2-hours from less than 10% to a full 100%. This also worked with an iPad 3, and the battery charged both devices fully before needing to be plugged into a wall outlet. When plugged in, you’ll notice 5 LED indicators that show just how much power is left. Priced at a very affordable $99.99, we highly recommend this gadget for both casual users and mobile warriors.

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iPad Giveaway

ZAGG is giving away 24 iPads in 24-hours starting on November 23 through Black Friday, which is just 3-days away. You can enter here on this page, and once completed, there’s also the option of having hourly reminders sent to your cell phone beginning the day of the contest.