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Tribute Tree

Giant sequoias may have a long lifespan, but when they do start to wither, the trees could be turned into skyscrapers of sorts. That's right, four designers have come up with an interest proposal, called "Tribute: The Monument of Giant," which is basically a building tucked inside hollowed-out trunks, keeping trees with rotted heartwood from crashing down. Continue reading for more pictures and information.

Sequoia Skyscraper
Sequoia Skyscraper

"Although giant sequoias can be over 300 feet tall, with diameters between 20 and 26 feet, their roots often aren't deep, so when their heartwood - what the designers described as a structural backbone - starts to rot, the weight of the trees can cause them to topple over. A skyscraper nestled inside could prevent this ending," reports Inhabitat.

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