Drawing Blindfolded

Comic strip artists normally are required to draw the same character countless times, which means they’d probably be able to recreate them while blindfolded, right? Life Magazine put 10 comic strip artists to the test in 1947, when they asked them to draw their best known characters blindly, and #1 definitely turned out the best. Continue reading for more.

10. Skeezix – Frank King

9. Dixie Dugan – John Striebel

8. Secret Agent X-9 – Mel Graff

7. Dagwood – Chic Young

6. Smilin’ Jack’s – Zack Mosley

5. Brandy – Frank Robbins

4. Andy Gump – Gus Edson

3. Steve Canyon – Milton Caniff

2. Major Hoople’s – Bill Freyse

1. Dick Tracy – Chester Gould