When is a lamp not just an electrical device used to create artificial light? When you take an old NES zapper apart and turn it into one. That is just one of the many cool and creative lamps we’ve rounded up for your viewing enjoyment. Continue reading to see them all.

5 Interesting Mario facts:

  1. To avoid having to make his mouth move, Miyamoto hid it under a rather stylish moustache.
  2. Miyamoto originally designed Donkey Kong as a game that would only need a joystick to control. Mario couldn’t jump. The ability to make him hop was only added because the arcade cabinet that it was being built for had a single button.
  3. The Super Mario Bros. NES cart contains a miniscule 40kb of data. To put it into perspective, that’s smaller than the Microsoft word document that this feature was originally written on. By comparison the average mp3 file is 3,500kb, a trailer for New Super Mario Bros. Wii is 12,000kb while Super Mario Galaxy is 3.5 million kb.
  4. Did you know that it is possible to complete Super Mario Bros. in 5 minutes and 8 seconds? That’s how long it took the current speed run world record-holder Scott Kessler to complete Super Mario Bros. on 20 September 2006. ONM’s Chris Scullion can do it in just under seven minutes. What’s your best time?
  5. This one will fry your noodle. Study Super Mario Bros. 3 closely and you’ll notice that there’s a compelling case to suggest it’s actually all just a stage show, Mario is an actor and you’re just the audience. The game opens with a set of theatrical curtains, vegetation and scenery appear to be just flat cardboard mock-ups, you can clearly see that any floating scenery is either bolted to the backdrop or hanging from the theatre’s roof. And at the end of each level, Mario exits stage right into the theatre’s wings.

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