While these beds won’t make up for a lack of sleep, they are definitely fit for geeks and pure eye candy. You’ll find a giant nest, grassy patch, floating, and even an icy bed. We’ve rounded up ten of the most creative for your viewing enjoyment. Continue reading to see them all.

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10. Periodic Table

Yes, now bring the periodic table found in science text books around the world home, and into your bed. This would definitely come in handy during some exams, but unfortunately, a Snuggie version does not exist…yet.

9. Foldable Cardboard Bed

Whether if you’re on a budget or just want to clear up space in a cramped home, this foldable cardboard bed fits the bill. One cavet: it may not offer much in the way of back support, though a memory foam mattress topper should fix that.

8. Hammock Bed

For those who love lazing around on a hammock during warmer weather, this bed might be a dream come true. However, installing a few extra chains for added stability wouldn’t hurt, nor would installing a ceiling-mounted LED TV.

7. Work Bed

How many times have you wished there was a bed in your cubicle? Sleeping on the job isn’t looked highly upon, but there’s nothing wrong with snoozing during breaks or lunches. The “Work Bed” is most certainly more comfortable than your arm on a desk.

6. Net Bed

Thrill seekers need apply! Should there be a major earthquake or fire, the “Ned Bed” will probably be the first thing to snap apart, leaving you falling 40-50 feet onto your co-workers below.

5. Millennium Falcon Bed

Remember the movie “BIG”, with Tom Hanks? If not, it’s basically about a kid who wished he was an adult. Think of the Millennium Falcon bed as the opposite of that film, as it lets you relive some of your childhood as an adult.

4. Mouse Trap Bed

Should you be a fan of the classic “Mouse Trap” game, this bed lets you bring some of the excitement into your home. Want some privacy? Simply remove the giant stick holding up the box case, and you’ll get a nice night of pitch black rest.

3. Glass Bed

Sleek and stylish, the Glass Bed just screams futuristic. Should the panels be made of Corning Glass, you can rest assured that accidentally dropping your 27-inch iMac on it won’t even cause a hairline crack.

2. Vertical Bed

Geeks like to be different, and the Vertical Bed may be leaning towards the insane category. Sure, it may offer a good night’s sleep, but we don’t recommend any college student bring this to a library and attempt to pull an all-nighter.

1. Bird’s Nest

Sometimes, you just need to release your inner bird, and this nest bed allows you to do just that. From the looks of it, this bed is more suited for naps due to its all-pillow composition. The Pixar-inspired giant lamp is definitely a nice touch as well.