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A superhuman is a human with extraordinary and unusual capabilities enabling them to perform feats well beyond anything that an ordinary person could conceivably achieve, even through long-time training and development. Superhuman can mean an improved human, for example, by genetic modification, cybernetic implants, nanotechnology, or as what humans might eventually evolve into thousands or millions of years later into the distant future. Occasionally, it could mean an otherwise “normal” human with unusual super-abilities, such as psychic/psionic abilities, flying abilities, unimaginable strength or exceptional proficiency at something, far beyond the normal. Continue reading for a few real people who might have superhuman powers.

6. Superior Vision (*Correction)

Isao Machii successfully completed the superhuman feat of slicing a speeding pellet in half with a samurai sword. Filmmakers used a special camera to slow down the film by 250 times. Viewers can see Machii’s blade slicing into the pellet, which was moving at 200 mph. According to Dr. Ramani Durvasula, an associate Professor of Psychology from California State University, “This is about processing it at an entirely different sensory level because he is not visually processing it. This is a different level of anticipatory processing. Something so procedural, something so fluid for him.”

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