Earth Compared to Sun

The Sun has a mass of 2*10^30 kg, which is about 300,000 times greater than the mass of the Earth. Mass depends on the amount of matter in an object. Weight on the other hand, varies with respect to local gravity, however the Sun is not sitting near any other planet’s gravitational field. On a related note, since the radius of the moon is about 1,080 miles, approximately 64.3 million moons could fit inside the Sun if it were hollow. Continue reading for more interesting space facts.

10. Since There’s Little Atmosphere on the Moon, the Footprints left by Apollo 11 Astronauts in 1969 are Still There Today.

Moon Footprints

9. Only 3 People Have Died Outside Our Atmosphere.

Outside Atmosphere

8. Over a 1000 Planets Were Discovered in the Last 20-Years.

7. The Sun Travels Around the Galaxy – a Journey of 100,000-light-years – Once Every 200-Million-Years.

Sun Speed

6. Astronauts Left a Mirror during the Moon Landing and Scientists Use This Mirror to Bounce a Laser Off it and Accurately Measure the Distance to the Earth.

Mirror On Moon

5. The Sun’s Surface is Approximately 10,000 Fahrenheit.

Sun's Surface

4. An Object the Size of Mars Collided with the Earth 4.5-Billion-Years-Ago.

Earth Collision

3. The Earth has More Than One Moon – Cruithne is One of Six Quasi-Satellite Asteroids That Rotate in a Near Identical Orbit to the Earth.

Earth's Second Moon

2. Jupiter’s 40,000km-wide Great Red Spot is a storm that’s been brewing for at least the past 200 years – the Earth could fit in the Red Spot three times over.

Jupiter Great Red Spot

1. 1-Tablespoon of a Neutron Star Would Weigh 10-Billion-Tons.

Neutron Star

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