Ever wonder where certain words, like “Google”, came from? Well, by simply adding “etymology” onto the end of words, you’ll get exactly that information. As you can see, for Google, it’s: “1990s: from Google, the proprietary name of the search engine.” Continue reading for more cool Google tricks, such as comparing foods, excluding words from searches, sunrises or sunsets for any city, etc.

10. Type in “Sunrise” or “Sunset [City Name]”

9. Type in “Books By [Author Name]”

8. Search for “Tip Calculator”

7. Type in “Set Timer For [Duration]”

6. Type in “[Year]..[Year]” to Search Within Range

5. Change “Type” to “Animated GIF” in Google Images

4. Add “intitle:” Before Search Term to Find Headlines

3. Add “-[search term]” to Exclude Words from Searches

2. Add “vs” Between Foods to Compare

1. Search for “Gravity” and Then Hit “I’m Feeling Lucky”