While refrigerators are great for keeping food chilled and fresh, most of them just look plain boring. Thankfully, there are some innovative companies along with designers who noticed this as well and created some strange (yet cool) designs, like the R2-D2 above. Continue reading to see more.

10. Under the Counter Refrigerator

This Norcool fridge does away with the traditional idea of the singular, monolithic fridge, instead tucking your cold food away in drawers. And it’s not a concept. Norcool’s production Drawer Fridge system is not only real, but it could be extremely efficient, too. Top-loading fridges and freezers, as Treehugger notes, don’t spill cold as like front door traditional models do.

9. Armrest Refrig

Ford has upped the ante in the options department by offering drivers of the Flex a $760 refrigerator upgrade that fits snugly underneath the armrest in the back seat. The fridge isn’t huge, but it can hold seven 12-ounce cans (no, not beer) or four half-liter bottles – which is not bad for a road trip.

8. Samsung Zipel Refrigerator

Designed exclusively for Korean market by Italian jewelry designer, Massimo Zucchi, the new Samsung Zipel e-diary refrigerator has a 10″ touchscreen display and WiFi software, enabling consumers to check the latest news, weather forecast and download their favourite electronic albums.

7. USB-Powered Mini Refrigerator

With the USB Mini Fridge you can keep a cool beverage ready to drink at all times! The personal USB Fridgerator holds a single 12 ounce can which is illuminated from the blue LED inside the fridge. Its built-in cooling plate quickly drops to its lowest operating temperature within five minutes after being plugged in. The USB Mini Fridge can be used in your cubicle, home office, bedroom or garage!

6. Modular Refrigerator

Flatshare Fridge by Stefan Buchberger, a design student at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna, allows each person in your household to have their own personal refrigerator space.

5. Google Egg Refrigerator

I’ve just been informed that Google’s got more than one type of promotional fridge. This one looks a lot like the spaceship from Mork & Mindy (sorry, no Robin Williams included).

4. Collapsible Refrigerator

The size is optimized according to the cubage of things inside in order to save energy. The heat-insulating membrane coat and slide fastener door is stretchy to fit the size-changing. The holes on retractile bracing can transport cool air to each layer. Adjust it to an appropriate size so that you can take it anywhere.

3. Beer Tap Refrigerator

The inventor of the HomePub, a fridge freezer with built-in draught beer system, is, it goes without saying, a genius. Designed with special people in mind, the kind who like to pour beer on their cornflakes or drink their coffee with beer and two sugars, there’s designated space for two five-liter kegs.

2. Transparent Refrigerator

The dryer uses natural dry air instead of loads of energy to do its job, and the fridge has a special “low waist line” to facilitate the transport of heavy juice cartons and big pickle jars (if you’re a pickle freak).

1. Bio Refrigerator

The fridge does not have a motor or other traditional technology like most refrigerators, – the gel does all the work – so, 90% of the appliance is actual usable space. To use the fridge you basically shove food into it�s biopolymer gel – which has no odor and is not sticky – and it is suspended and cooled until you need it again.

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