At first glance, and maybe even second or third, the Canon 5D DSLR and iPhones above may appear to be real, but they’re actually just photo-realistic paintings done by Mikael Eidenberg. That’s not all, continue reading to see twelve more photo-realistic paintings, plus a bonus video.

Interesting art facts:

  • In 1911, Monalisa was stolen from the Louvre museum. In the two years preceding the recovery of the painting, more than 6 reproductions were sold as being the original. Pablo Picasso was suspected as being the coauthor of the rubbery. In fact, Pablo Picasso’s friend, the poet Guillaume Apollinaire was first arrested for stealing the Monalisa and this led to the arrest of Picasso. Finally, both men were found innocent and released.
  • Leonardo da Vinci was left-handed and his personal notes were written starting at the right side of the page to the left. This special technique called “mirror writing” made all the people who wanted to read his notebooks to use a mirror. However, when he was writing something for the others he wrote in the normal direction. It is also said that Leonardo da Vinci possessed an amazing dexterity being able to write with one hand and paint with the other, in the same time. And even when suffering from a paralysis of the right hand, Leonardo was able to draw and teach.
  • The name of the impressionist movement derived from the title of one of Claude Monet’s paintings, “Impression, soleil levant” (Impression, Sunrise). Impressionism was a 19th century art movement breaking the rules of academic paintings. Some of its main characteristics were the focus on the general impression produced by a certain scene or object, the use of small, yet visible brush strokes, or emphasizing the play of natural light.

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