Nintendo PlayStation

The Nintendo PlayStation might still be fresh in the minds of gamers, but many have not yet seen this rare prototype from 1998. Development of the format started in 1988, when Nintendo signed a deal with Sony to produce a CD-ROM add-on for the SNES. After several years of development, Sony introduced a standalone console at 1991’s summer Consumer Electronics Show called the “Play Station.” The system was to be compatible with existing SNES titles as well as titles released for the SNES-CD format. However, due to licensing disagreements with Sony, Nintendo announced that it had formed an alliance with Sony’s rival Philips to produce the SNES-CD add-on. Continue reading for more.

12. Movie Theater in 1921

Old Movie Theater

11. 2-Year-Old Dalai Lama in 1937

Young Dalai Lama

10. 15-Kiloton Nuclear Weapon Detonated in Nevada (1953)


9. German Airgunner Wearing High-Altitude Gear in 1943-45


8. 1890s NYC Lower East Side Colorized

Colorized Old New York

7. American Football Team in 1895-1910

Early American Football Team

6. Emperor Meji in Full Court Dress in 1872

Emperor Meji

5. 94-Year-Old Hannah Stilley in 1840

Hannah Stilley

4. Inside the Old NYC Metropolitan House in 1937

Old Metropolitan House NYC

3. Marilyn Monroe Shopping in 1957

Marilyn Monroe Shopping

2. Move-in Day for New Homeowners in the 1950s

New Homes 1950s

1. USCGC Spencer Hits German U-175 Submarine in 1943

U-175 Submarine

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