If you should find a lost phone and happen to own a restaurant, using a nail and hammering it to a board definitely isn’t the best idea. Unfortunately, this once lost iPhone is now broken, if it wasn’t already. That is just one of the many random things spotted in real life that don’t make any sense. Other examples include, filling an *oil* tank up with gasoline, covering up your business’s phone number, and more. Continue reading to see them all.

12. Corndogs

11. Filling the Engine Up

10. Pole Parking

9. Please Call “73….”

8. Woof, the New Meow

7. “Sandwiches”

6. Mr. Otage’s Big Week

5. Gradiated

4. Tied to the Wheel

3. Make “Orange” Juice

2. That Sinking Feeling

1. Good Source of Vitamin A