Belt Knife

Sometimes, you just need a tool handy to cut open a package or to pop the top off a beer. Introducing Bowen Belt Knives. It’s essentially a knife buckle that can be easily removed from its hidden, secure sheath in seconds. You can choose from either wide or narrow models with a single or double edge blade. That’s not all, they all come with a built-in bottle opener as well. One additional option includes rounding the corners of the buckle. Continue reading for more.

12. Gigs2Go Disposable USB Drives

Disposable USB Drive

11. Highlighter with Transparent Section

Transparent Highlighter

10. Smartphone-Controlled Door Locks

Smartphone Door Lock

9. Plastic Water Bottle Gardening Top

Water Bottle Spout

8. Road Shower

Road Shower

7. To-Do Tattoo

To-Do Tattoo

6. Water Bottle with Hidden Storage

Water Bottle Stash

5. Alarm Clock with Laser Task Projection

Laser Alarm Clock

4. Passcode-Enabled USB Stick

Passcode USB Stick

3. Glow-in-the-Dark Toilet Strips

Glow in the Dark Toilet Strip

2. Ice Cream Pint Lock

Pint Lock

1. Two-in-One Shelled Nuts Bowl

Nuts Bowl