Despite what’s going on now with North Korea and the US, many tour companies are still operating at full capacity, usually at a cost of $2200+ for a 7-night stay. This photographer (Reddit user defRoach84’s mother) has decided to create a visual journal for the internet to enjoy. Continue reading for a video, more pictures, and additional information.

Tourism in North Korea is organized by the state-owned Korea International Travel Company. All tourists/visitors are constantly accompanied by one or two guides, who usually speak the tourist’s native language. While tourism has increased over the last few years, tourists from Western countries remain few.

Most visitors come from China, Russia, and Japan. For citizens of South Korea, it is almost impossible to get a visa to North Korea; they can get entry permits to special tourist areas designated for South Koreans, such as Kaesong. United States citizens were also subject to visa restrictions, allowed to visit only during the yearly Arirang Festival; these restrictions were lifted in January 2010. Fewer than 2,500 United States citizens have visited North Korea since 1953.


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