Needle Sculpture

Jonty Hurwitz’s sculptures are so small that they can fit on a single strand of human hair, or in other words, the size of an ant’s head. He spent months working on the piece that you see above, but when the piece was taken to a photographer to have it captured under a microscope, destruction accidentally ensued via the lab technician’s finger. He says: “The structure is created using a ground-breaking new 3D printing technology and a technique called Multiphoton Lithography.” Continue reading for more.

14. Singapore’s Hanging Gardens

Hanging Gardens

13. Then and Now

Fat Person Then and Now

12. The Red Planet

Earth from Mars

11. Man-made Islands

Dubai From Above

10. Things You’ll Find at Sam’s Club

Jack Daniels Keg Sam's Club

9. Protection

Caterpillar Cage

8. First Class SUV

Range Rover Autobiography

7. Massive

Wooly Mammoth Tusk

6. Rare Look Inside

Mongolian Ger

5. Traffic Jam

Mt. Everest Jam

4. Swim and a Movie

Swimming Pool Cinema

3. They Don’t Grow in Trees

Pineapple Farm

2. Fingertip-Sized

200GB microSD Card

1. Every Inch Counts

Garage Apartment Conversion


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