Charity Arcade

Let’s face it, travelers hate being stuck in airports, but Swedish agency akestam.holst wanted to change that while helping the Red Cross at the same time. So, they set up “Charity Arcades” inside a terminal at Stockholm Arlanda Airport and Goteborg Landvetter Airport. All money received will be donated directly to the charity. Continue reading to see some more strange and geeky things you won’t believe actually exist.

14. Super Burrito Pillow

Super Burrito Pillow

13. Minion Bed

Minion Bed

12. Cosmic Bed Sheets

Cosmic Bed Sheets

11. Titanic Cat Condo

Titanic Cat Condo

10. Fairy Wand Salt & Pepper Shakers

Funny Salt & Pepper Shakers

9. Black Chicken

All Black Chicken

8. Walking Sleeping Bag

Walking Sleeping Bag

7. Bike Banana Holder

Bike Banana Holder

6. Third Arm Backpack

Fake Arm Backpack

5. Smart Pepper Spray

Smart Pepper Spray

4. Recycling Arcade Machine

Recycling Arcade Machine

3. McDonalds French Fry Gloves

French Fry Gloves

2. Baymax (Big Hero 6) Table Lamp

Baymax Table Lamp

1. 1969 Holden Hurricane

1969 Holden Hurricane