USB drives and other forms of portable storage are slowly, but surely, replacing the need for optical media, like compact discs. However, before throwing these things out, try turning the discs into actual sculptures. Continue reading to see eighteen more awesome alternative uses for everyday items.

18. Spaghetti Can Be Used to Light Hard-to-Reach Candle Wicks

17. Shower Cap Shoe Carrier

16. Dental Floss Can Be Used to Cut Soft Cheeses

15. Hand Sanitizer is Great for Dissolving Ink Stains

14. Cereal Container Car Trash Can

13. Mayonnaise Can Clean Water Spots On Furniture

12. Soda Tab Picture Frame Hanger

11. Spoons Can Be Used to Loosen Jar Lids

10. Newspapers Absorb Odors

9. Marshmallows Can Soothe Sore Throats

8. Lint Roller Handbag / Purse Cleaner

7. Banana Disc Scratch Repair

6. Bowls Can Be Used to Amplify Sound from Handsets

5. Wine Cork Planters

4. Toilet Seat Covers Can Absorb Skin Oils

3. Can Opener Clamshell Packaging Opener

2. Alka-Seltzer Toilet Cleaner

1. CD Spindle Bagel Holder

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