Most job titles are boring, we found eighteen bizarre (yet real) examples that are not. Starting off, we have a “Smarties Expert”, or in other words, a person who knows all about the fruit-flavored tablet candy produced by Smarties Candy Company, since 1949. Continue reading to see more.

18. Shredded Cheese Authority

17. Teen Exorcist

16. Penguinologist

15. Bear Biologist and Paperfolder

14. Cunning Linguist

13. Bear Kidnapping Expert

12. In Charge of the Big Door

11. Chief of Unicorn Division

10. Chocolate Beer Specialist

9. Chief Trouble Maker

8. Head of Potatoes

7. Pork Rind Expert

6. Cat Behavior Consultant

5. MILF Commander

4. Ex-Moonshiner

3. Fun Club President

2. Town Crier

1. Wizard

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