Equinox Snowcoach

It’s a pod, it’s snowmobile, it’s the Equinox Snowcoach? This isn’t any pod, the Snowcoach attaches to your snowmobile with a limited rotational hitch, enabling up to two passengers to come along for the ride. It’s made from sturdy polyethylene and features a high performance gas shock suspension, seat belts, body reflectors, brakes, and even running lights. Continue reading for more cool and strange things you won’t believe actually exist.

18. Stair Slide

Stair Slide

17. Cookie Monster Oreo Cocktail

Cookie Monster Oreo Cocktail

16. Eau My George Takei Cologne

George Takei Cologne

15. Bacon Shell Breakfast Taco

Bacon Taco

14. 12-Person Foosball Table

12 Person Foosball Table

13. Eternal Memorial Reef

Eternal Memorial Reef

12. T-Rex Radiator

T-Rex Radiator

11. Bread Beds

Bread Beds

10. Dog Poop Calendar

Monthly Doos

9. White Tiger Backpack

Tiger Backpack

8. Hello Kitty KISS Toilet Paper

Hello Kitty Toilet Paper

7. Knit Your Own Cat Kit

Knit Your Cat

6. Duck Castle

Duck Castle

5. Spacelife Jacket

Spacelife Jacket

4. R2-D2 Kegerator

R2-D2 Kegerator

3. Super Mario Bros. Fish Aquarium

Mario Aquarium

2. Golf Cart Hovercraft

Golf Cart Hovercraft

1. Nasal Telescope

Nasal Telescope

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