Grilled Cheese Toaster Hack

With Christmas day coming and going, there’s still New Year celebrations to look forward to. If you’re one of the many with a resolutions list, ranging from simple goals to the near impossible, these cool life hacks, such as a more efficient way of making grilled cheese sandwiches, should definitely be given a second look. Our favorite? Definitely waterproofing shoes using something you can find at any drugstore. Continue reading to see them all.

18. Chinese Take Out Plate

17. Command Hook Tablet Holder

16. Cereal Crumb Filter

15. Separating Clothes You Actually Wear

14. Coffee Machine Hot Water Dispenser

13. Nutella Ice Cream

12. Battery Tester

11. Removing Permanent Marker

10. Airplane Mode Charging

9. Egg Substitute

8. iPhone Amplifier

7. Red Pen

6. Pasta Holder

5. Perfect BLT Sandwich

4. Puncture Finder (Bubbles Will Form)

3. Avocado Ripeness Check

2. Eating Cupcakes the Right Way

1. Waterproof Shoes