Another week, another batch of fun and creative gadgets with designs you don’t see everyday, like the pair of illuminated lightsaber chopsticks above. Though not very practical, they do make for some interesting dining table battles, should you have two or more pairs of these. Speaking of lightsabers, did you know that the earliest lightsabers, also known as protosabers, didn’t include internal power cells, but rather used external power sources. They had battery pack, which were attached to the lightsaber by a power cord. Continue reading for more.

18. Pitcher with Built-in Fruit Infuser

Fruit Infuser Pitcher

17. Earth Globe Fire Pit

Globe Fire Pit

16. Vanishing Doorknob

Vanishing Doorknob

15. Sword Pan

Sword Pan

14. Cherry Chomper

Cherry Chomper

13. Temperature-Sensitive Rainfall LED Shower

LED Shower

12. Copco Bag Cap

Bag Cap

11. Star Wars Pancake Molds

Star Wars Pancake

10. Pocket Shower

Pocket Shower

9. AK-47 Bullet Ice Cube Tray

8. Acoustic Guitar Key

Acoustic Guitar Key

7. Picnic Table Condiment Set

Picnic Table Condiments

6. 144-Hour Candle

Long Burning Candle

5. Micro Luggage

Micro Luggage

4. Glow-in-the-Dark Moonstones


3. Finger Guard

Finger Guard

2. Book Clock

Book Clock

1. Han Solo in Carbonite Door

Han Solo in Carbonite Door

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