McLaren F1 Monterey Car Week

Photo credit: Top Gear
Have $20+ million and always wanted a 1994 McLaren F1 “LM-Specification”? If so, then you may be in luck, as one of only two examples is going up for auction at Monterey Car Week. How does it differ from the standard McLaren F1? For starters, it comes equipped with an unrestricted 6.1L V12 GTR racing engine that boosts power output to 671 hp (up from 618 hp) and an extra-high downforce kit. This particular F1 was built in 1994 and originally finished in Midnight Blue Pearl over a black interior, but in 1999, it was sold to a collector who returned the car to the factory in Surrey in 2000 to commission a series of upgrades to LM specifications. Read more for a video

Following the completion of the full production run in 1997, McLaren upgraded two “standard” F1 road cars to LM specifications, including the engine to an unrestricted 671 hp GTR specification. Serial no. 073 (which is in a private collection) and this featured car, serial no. 018, were additionally equipped with the Extra-High Downforce Kit that included the coachwork effects of the LM examples, including the front air vents and rear wing. This means that both cars retain their more comfortable interiors over the more spartan LM trim.