You haven’t seen a real life street game, until you’ve seen 2.8 Hours Later. Based on the hit movie 28 Days Later, it’s held in various cities across Great Britain and puts participants in the shoes of survivors during a zombie virus outbreak looking for shelter while trying to avoid getting infected. Continue reading for a video and more information.

In order to take part in the unforgettable 2.8-hour game, players must first buy a ticket for on of the scheduled events in Nottingham, Birmingham, Glasgow, Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool and Cardiff. At the start of the game, they are given directions the first of a series of locations they must reach without getting tagged by zombies.

Luckily, if zombies do catch them, they won’t feast on their brain, but simply mark them with the infection. That changes everything, as tagged players must now avoid bounty-hunters and quarantine scanning at Survivors camps in order to complete the game.