Passcode USB Drive

Sure, there are other more secure ways to protect your USB drive data, but for those who aren’t technologically inclined, having the option of setting a password directly onto the device might be the best way to go. Simply punch in your alphanumeric code, press the lock button, and you’re ready to roll. Continue reading for more awesome gadgets and accessories that actually exist.

20. Sunny Side Egg Mold

Sunny Side Egg Mold

19. Flat Folding Chair

Folding Chair

18. Classic Arcade Wristwatch

Arcade Watch

17. Flying Stick Camera

Flying Stick Camera

16. Flat Water Bottle

Flat Water Bottle

15. Iron Man Scooter

Iron Man Scooter

14. LED Converse All-Stars

Converse All-Stars LED

13. Paper Pot

Paper Pot

12. Portable USB Humidifier

USB Humidifier

11. Biometric Padlock

Biometric Padlock

10. Solar-Powered Inflatable LuminAID Light

Solar Powered Light

9. Bagel Slicer

Bagel Slicer

8. Vertex Portable Stove Burner

Portable Stove

7. Toast Strips

Toast Strips

6. Earbud iPhone Stand

iPhone Stand

5. Skin-Colored Band Aids

Skin Colored Band Aids

4. Modular Bedroom Furniture

Modular Bedroom

3. Grenade Mug

Grenade Mug

2. NES Lunchbox

NES Lunchbox

1. Picnic Suitcase

Picnic Suitcase