Still planning your next vacation? If so, before booking any flights or hotels, check out these twenty breathtaking places. To start things off, we have a beautiful suspension bridge – located near the town of Schladming – built on Austria’s Dachstein Glacier Resort, an excellent getaway during the wintertime. With a mind-boggling 1300-foot drop visible beneath your feet, walking along the bridge’s glass platform definitely isn’t for the fainthearted. Continue reading for more.

20. Phraya Nakhon Cave (Thailand)

19. Lion’s Head Mountain (Cape Town, South Africa)

18. Isle of Skye (Scotland)

17. Twelve Apostles Beach (Victoria, Australia)

16. Seljalandsfoss Waterfall (Porsmerkurvegur, Iceland)

15. Bagan (Myanmar)

14. Tiger’s Nest (Bhutan)

13. Iguazu Falls (Border of Brazil and Argentina)

12. Victoria Peak (Hong Kong)

11. Half Dome (Yosemite National Park, USA)

10. Trolltunga (Norway)

9. Haiku Stairs (Oahu, Hawaii)

8. Vertigo Hotel (Bangkok, Thailand)

7. Moon Bridge (Dahu Park, Taipei)

6. Sunset da Mona Lisa Restaurant (Cabo San Lucas, Mexico)

5. Mossy Arch (Glencoe, Scotland)

4. Piz Gloria (Murren, Switzerland)

3. Jade Mountain Resort (St. Lucia)

2. White Cliffs of Dover (England)

1. Melissani Cave (Kefalonia Greece)

Bonus – Fly Geyser (Black Rock Desert, Nevada, USA)

Fly Geyser, also known as Fly Ranch Geyser is a man-made small geothermal geyser located in Washoe County, Nevada approximately 20 miles (32 km) north of Gerlach. Fly Geyser is not an entirely natural phenomenon; it was accidentally created by well drilling in 1964 exploring for sources of geothermal energy. The well may not have been capped correctly, or left unplugged, but either way dissolved minerals started rising and accumulating, creating the travertine mound on which the geyser sits and continues growing. Water is constantly released, reaching 5 feet (1.5 m) in the air. The geyser contains several terraces discharging water into 30 to 40 pools over an area of 30 hectares (74 acres). The geyser is made up of a series of different minerals, but its brilliant colors are due to thermophilic algae.