Flying Carpet Car

If someone asked you what technologies we’d have 50+ years from now, it probably wouldn’t be too different from what others thought would be available today in 2015. First up is the “Flying Carpet Car”, which uses compressed air to hover above ground, a precursor to the Maglev trains of today. The description says: “Look, pa, no wheels! Use of a thin layer of compressed air may allow autos to hover and move just above ground level. A pipe dream? Not at all. The concept (already proved) comes from scientist Andrew Kucher, vice-president of engineering at one of our major motor companies. His people are studying how to maintain stability. Special highway engineering is one way. Another is skillful design, evidenced already in experimental ideas from the staff of motor stylist George W. Walker. Today’s earthbound cars won’t turn into low flying carpets right away. But it may happen sooner than we think!” Continue reading for more.

20. Robot Butlers

19. Solar-Powered Cars

18. Computerized Desks

17. Mega Disaster Response Vehicles

16. Voice Recognition Cash Registers

15. Flame-Powered Snow Melting Machines

14. Bloodless Surgery

13. Fire Fighting Missiles

12. Pivoting Homes That Follow the Sun

11. Synthetic Plants Packed with Protein and Healthy Fats

10. 24-Hour Daylight

9. Space Hospitals

8. Flying Fire Engines

7. Robot Railroading

6. Quick-Change Car Paint

5. Wristwatch TV

4. Highway to Russia

3. Jetpack-equipped Mailmen

2. Supersized Crops

1. Glass-Domed Homes