2017 DeLorean

DMC bought the parts and the tooling required to build the DMC-12 from the defunct DeLorean Motor Company that originally made the car, but the company’s business model of selling like-new models, built from the ground up, took an unexpected hit when the federal government passed a law last month that enables small automakers to sell complete, turn-key models instead of offering DIY kits. The 2017 model will feature a modern V6 that produces between 350-400 horsepower as well as larger brakes. Click here to view more pictures of the DeLorean. Continue reading for a full video review of the car, inside and out.

“DMC also plans on updating the interior with modern technology. However, the boxy, Giugiaro-penned design of the original DMC-12 will remain unchanged, meaning the new model will retain the four old-school square headlights, the stainless steel body, and the funky gullwing doors,” according to Digital Trends.