The Star Wars toaster you see above may be real, but these twenty-four fictional gadgets were created by ToyOtter for Pepsi and Lucasfilm in 1999. They range from plausible things, like a portable R2-D2 Wet Bar, to just downright funny – Sound Chip Puppets. Continue reading to see more.

Future Star Wars film releases:

  • At a ShoWest convention in 2005, Lucas demonstrated new technology and stated that he planned to release the six films in a new 3-D film format, beginning with A New Hope in 2007. However, by January 2007, Lucasfilm stated on that “there are no definitive plans or dates for releasing the Star Wars saga in 3-D.”
  • At Celebration Europe in July 2007, Rick McCallum confirmed that Lucasfilm is “planning to take all six films and turn them into 3-D,” but they are “waiting for the companies out there that are developing this technology to bring it down to a cost level that makes it worthwhile for everybody”.
  • In July 2008, Jeffrey Katzenberg, the CEO of DreamWorks Animation, revealed that Lucas plans to redo all six of the movies in 3D. In late September 2010, it was announced that The Phantom Menace would be theatrically re-released in 3-D on February 10, 2012. All six films would be re-released in order, with the 3-D conversion process taking at least a year to complete per film.

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