24-Hours in VR Minecraft
Apollow of “Disrupt”, a popular YouTube channel, wanted to experience the future of gaming firsthand. So, he loaded up VR Minecraft on his PC and spent 24 hours inside the game, and then turning the recorded footage into a documentary for the world to see. For those who don’t know, Minecraft’s day-night-cycle is shorter than the real world, as 24-hours in the real world equals 72-days in-game. During this time, he did take 3 short sleep breaks with the headset and headphones on. Read more to see exactly what went down.

“In fact, through most of his 24 hours, he didn’t experience any nausea from VR. The major exception was when he traveled in boats. These moved very fast and caused him to feel queasy. In the last few hours of his stream, Apollow faced the dragon and spent the last hour sitting on a small mountain waiting for the digital sun to rise on his final moment in VR,” according to Kotaku.


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