Skull Fire Pit Gas Logs

These skull fire pit gas logs may look creepy, but they’re fully-functional and work quite well to say the least. The two-piece log is made from reinforced steel and produced with lave granules as well as significant heat ceramic refractory. “It is NOT burning. Soot accumulation is part of the chemical reaction when gas/wood burns. ANYTHING that goes into an open fire turns black, gas logs / fire skulls included. Our findings are that with soot accumulation, their appearance becomes more genuine and realistic,” said its creator. More information. Read more for a collection of interesting images from around the web.

15. Accordion

Not A Regular Camper

14. Coron, Philippines

Crystal clear waters coron palawan, who would you take to this under water world?

13. Twin Towers

I'd never seen them like this…

12. Photoshop Troll

James Fridman back at it again

11. Stunt Double

Scarlett Johansson's stuntwoman is named Heidi Moneymaker! …MONEYMAKER.!!!!!

10. Cozy

The ultimate tree house in the nature

9. Then vs. Now

New and Old

8. Fire Slide

They have a slide instead of a pole because your mom wouldn’t get off of it

7. Secret Hideout

I hate multi-story housing but if you are stuck living with stairs. well, make the most of it.

6. Seems Legit

DIY Samsung foldable phone

5. Iron Gundam

Iron Gundam Suit? Oh shiiii..

4. Unpacking

FInally Unpacked My Consoles

3. Storage

History vs Present in bit memory

2. Hidden Alley

Process of my bookshelf alleyway!

1. Changes

Cities, then and now.