Photo credit: Italy Sikolski

Saying that Google knows how to spoil their employees, or at least the non-contracted ones, is an understatement, and their magnificent Tel Aviv, Israel office is a prime example. It was designed by Swiss firm Camenzind Evolution and spans 8,000 square-meters (86,111-square-feet) “over eight floors in the prestigious Electra Tower, offering breathtaking views of the Tel Aviv skyline.” Continue reading for many more pictures and additional information.

According to Twisted Sifter, “to assist with the design, Camenzind Evolution teamed with Setter Architects and Studio Yaron Tal; a fitting partnership given that nearly 50% of all office areas were allocated to create ‘communication landscapes’; diverse environments designed for teamwork, collaboration and communication with fellow Googlers. Each floor was designed with a different aspect of the local identity, with each theme selected by a local group of Googlers who assisted in the interpretation. For lunch, the Googlers can choose from three restaurants with different themes: non-kosher, kosher dairy and kosher meat.”