Since your iPhone is tucked away for the most part, is it really necessary to spend a large sum on a case? Well, if you’re into strange and / or silly things, this Steampunk case just might be for you. Continue reading to see more strange and silly gadgets as well as accessories – and even one food item.

24. Transparent Refrigerator

23. Magnetic Switch Frame

22. Miniature Golf Book

21. iPhone-Controlled Cockroach

20. Grassy Umbrella Holder

19. Sushi Candles

18. PB&J in a Can

17. Soda Nozzle

16. Emergency Mustaches

15. EZ Butter Slicer

14. Brass Knuckle iPhone Case

13. Air-Conditioned Tie

12. Oppo Quack Dog Muzzles

11. USB-Powered Leg Warmers

10. Chocolate Digital Camera

9. Ear Cap

8. Biscuit Pocket Mug

7. Ice Cream Pint Lock

6. Air-Conditioned Shoes

5. Food Drink Tray

4. Dog Hot Dog Slicer

3. Desktop Fireplace

2. Heated Mouse Pad

1. Edible Rice Cracker iPhone 5 Case