We have seen the future of bionics, and it’s looking very promising. For those who aren’t familiar with the term, “bionics means the replacement or enhancement of organs or other body parts by mechanical versions. Bionic implants differ from mere prostheses by mimicking the original function very closely, or even surpassing it.” Continue reading to see three amazing bionic technologies that have actually changed peoples’ lives.

3. Bionic Fingers

That’s right, 15-year-old Chloe Holmes “from Swindon [UK] has become the youngest person in Europe to be fitted with bionic fingers.” In the video, you’ll see exactly how the $62,914 device works. After contracting chicken pox as a toddler, Chloe came down with septicemia, which claimed the young girl’s fingers. Her whole life she’s been wearing rubber hands which would cover up her lack of fingers, but were not very functional besides that.


2. Bionic Arm

Evan Reynolds lost his arm in a car accident and was fitted with the i-LIMB, which now enables him to compete simple tasks such as holding an apple. The i-Limb was developed by a Scottish company, Touch Bionics, and has won awards for its innovative technology. The total cost including the hand itself and the fitting is about 30,000 pounds.

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1. Bionic Eye

That’s right, Rob Spence worked with engineers to develop an artificial eye that turns him into a real cyborg. This device is basically “turned on by waving a magnet near it, at which point it will begin transmitting a wireless video signal to a handheld LCD viewer.” Yes, “Spence refers to himself as ‘the eyeborg guy’, embracing the term bionic which involves fusing technology with the human body.”

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