While Nerf guns may be great for office warfare, these rubber band weapons are perfect should you want the upper hand. Now if there were only a machine to reload them…Continue reading to see more.


How about a 24-barrel rubber band gatling gun that fires up to 40-rounds/second? Meet the Disintegrator. Anthony Smith spent 4-months building/hard carving this beast, which has a 288 rubber band capacity and is compatible with a tripod.

Band Gatler

Standing 40-inches tall, the band gatler can be loaded with up to 144 rubber bands and “effortlessly spins a full 360 degrees and tilts from 45 degrees up to 22 degrees down.” Some fans have went the motorized route, but what could be better than turning the handle yourself?


Not your average rubber band gun, this LEGO Uzi can fire off rounds as fast as one can pull the trigger. It uses an 8 x 1 LEGO beam, which pivots around its center, for its firing action rather than a cog with hooks. At the flip of a switch, it can go from semi-automatic to fully-automatic.

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