Not everyone has the time and / or money to purchase / create a real X-Men costume, so Brazilian artist Vo Maria has come up with the next best thing: homemade version composed of everyday things. Continue reading to see three ultra funny examples.

1. Magneto

Are you attending a comic book convention, party, or even contest in the near future and looking for a budget-friendly Magneto costume? If so, look no further than the image above, which lays out all the supplies and tools you need to create your own helmet.

2. Cyclops

When a fake visor just won’t do, there’s always the option of using masking tape, sunglasses, and six laser pointers to become a fake, wimpy version of Cyclops from X-Men. One word of caution: do not buy the burning laser variety, or else you may land up in jail for accidentally causing a fire.

3. Wolverine

Face it, not everyone can afford to spend thousands — or have the necessary skills / tools — fabricating their very own Wolverine claws, but if aesthetics aren’t of any importance to you, this homemade design should work.