Sooner or later, robots will be able to replicate themselves, and when that happens, we can only hope they don’t all turn out looking like monsters. We’ve rounded up three creepy robots that actually exist, including an automatic chicken deboning machine. Continue reading to see them all.

3. Chicken Deboning Robot

This robot can process 1,500 chickens per hour, 10 times as fast as doing it manually. The new image processing functions allows it to handle the individual characteristics of each chicken to greatly improve yield. All that is done automatically after just setting the upper part of the chicken carcass, so it can be done hygienically. Not only can it produce similar shape cuts as the manual process with high yield, it can greatly reduce the amount of bone left on the meat.

2. Simroid

This robot patient is manufactured by Kokoro, who also make the Actroid line of lifelike humanoid robots. It has been developed as a training tool to improve students patient communication skills by emphasizing attitude rather than technique.

1. Talking Robot

This mechanical talking robot mouth, developed by the Sawada Group at Kagawa University, features speech organs which imitate a humans. The robots mouth and tongue are made from silicone rubber, and to enhance the sound that is made, several types of silicone were blended together. The inside of the nose is made of plaster, which give it similar characteristics to the human nose, which consists of bone and membranes.


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